About Us

Who We Are

B-Tactical is a Dallas / Fort Worth area premier outdoor range, gun store and training center. We are a Disabled Veteran Owned Business and love to help everyone who walks through our doors.  Our intent is to help educate and develop relationships with our community and customers.  We offer impressive gun ranges (rifle, pistol and tactical bays) and of course host LTC / CHL classes and regular firearms training.

Many of the members in B-Tactical served in various military and/or government elite units and have combat experience where they gained the knowledge of what truly works and what doesn’t. Most have spent years serving as high-threat protection specialists, where they deployed all around the globe helping protect world leaders, diplomats and VIP’s. During this time, they were able to refine the skills needed in numerous types of environments. These skills are what we strive to pass onto our customers, who range from the unknowing to the very proficient. We gladly alter each course and block of instruction to the ability of the individual so as not to waste valuable time and money.

While most members of B-Tactical have served the US government in some type of fashion, the owner is a Third Generation Special Operations Member (SOCOM) of the US military who served in numerous theaters with some of the world’s most elite ground fighting units to include both OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom) and OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom), holds a Bachelor’s degree with Honors in Security Management from American Military University (AMU), and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Texas A&M-Kingsville (TAMUK) in addition to various certificates from the Joint Special Operations University (JSOU). He is an avid firearms instructor and public speaker who holds various certifications (NRA, LTC, BFFOC, etc). His family also has a proud history, shown to have been fighters and protectors for generations as far back as their European ancestors (which the shield on the website is adopted from). The family uses their knowledge from extensive combat service to help direct and push the envelope of the instruction being given our everyday citizens. As terrorists have shown in recent world events, NO ONE is free from an attack.

“Only the dead have seen the end of war”- Plato

Tuesday - Saturday 9AM - 6PM CDT/CST; Sunday 1PM - 6PM CDT/CST
Closed - Monday